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Elon Musk promised an anti-‘woke’ chatbot. It’s not going as planned.

Elon Musk’s recent foray into the world of chatbot technology ended up as a lesson in unintended consequences.

Musk had recently launched a new chatbot, called the “anti-woke bot” on the messaging platform Telegram. The bot was supposed to be a way to counter online social justice activism, or what many conservatives call “wokeness.”

However, the chatbot quickly became a target for malicious use, with online trolls sending offensive and graphic messages through the bot. The chatbot technology seemed to have difficulty in distinguishing between appropriate and inappropriate messages.

In response, Musk has now disabled the anti-woke bot, saying that “it was getting out of hand” and that he had “inadvertently created a cesspool.”

Musk’s experience has shown that, no matter how advanced technology might be, it has its limits in understanding and responding to unpredictable human behavior. And it underscores the importance of developing AI with responsible oversight to ensure misuse is properly managed.

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