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The ‘Gaza metro’: The mysterious subterranean tunnel network used by Hamas

The Gaza metro is a mysterious subterranean tunnel network used by Hamas. It is an intricate system of tunnels, housing weapons, weapons caches, movement of personnel and materials, and hideouts for the militant group. In 2017, the tunnel network is estimated to run anywhere from 25 to 100 miles in length, and its existence has been confirmed by both the Israeli and US governments. The Gaza metro system has been used by Hamas to avoid detection, launch surprise attacks on Israeli troops, and launch rockets at Israel. Its sophisticated layout is a major component of Hamas’ underground defensive operations, as they have the potential to launch surprise counterattacks against Israeli ground force operations. The use of these tunnels has been critical to Hamas’ survival in the face of Israeli air strikes, as they provide a means for their militants to move quickly to safety when needed. Additionally, they allow Hamas to launch surprise attacks on Israeli ground forces, with some attacks proving successful enough to cause significant damage to Israeli infrastructure.

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