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Abortion bans and anti-LGBTQ laws are complicating business travel

to some US states

Business travel to some US states is becoming increasingly complicated due to a rise in anti-LGBTQ and abortion laws. While the laws vary from state to state, they are having an impact on businesses who have employees travelling to those states. Companies are concerned about the potential for discrimination, and the financial impact of being unable to do business in certain states. As a result, many companies have implemented policies or taken other measures to protect their employees travelling to states with these laws. Some companies have adopted policies frowning upon employee travel to certain states, while others have implemented financial disincentives for travel to those states. Some states have become “off limits” for business trips, while others are seeing a sharp decrease in corporate travel. In addition, some companies are using social media and other channels to publicly condemn the laws and to show that they stand in opposition to them.

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